Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trumpcare 0. Obamacare 1.


Donald Trump
gave Speaker of the House Paul Ryan until Friday to accomplish a replacement for Obamacare. Presidential altematums are my favorite altematums. Friday is gone and it appears Trump is keeping his word. 

Trump's handling of his healthcare plan has shown that even as a President he is not going to waste time waiting around. As the healthcare bill battle continues it leaves most of us wondering what the heck is the difference?

Obamacare or Trumpcare

If you are unfamiliar with what Trump is trying to replace read this Obamacare article.


If you do know what the big deal is about Obamacare then you probably also know the details of Trumpcare have yet to be released. 

Comparing the two would take a strong basis in a lot of things insurance. A topic most of us have no clue about. You can scour Google for answers or you can come to the actual conclusion. 

Insurance Equals Money 

This fight is vague for the most of us because it isn't much about us. A majority of this dispute is about insurance companies, how they get money, and how much of that money they can keep. A few minor topics make their way downhill and grace a few hairs on our heads with a change. One in the form of higher premiums.

The reality is insurance companies have lost billions under Obamacare. Some companies have made a few bucks but corporate revenues aren't what Obamacare is about. Hence the battle and all the lobby bucks involved. Insurance companies want their revenue back and republicans are trying to make that happen.


Trump Healthcare Takaways

The American healthcare topic has a couple takaways we should focus on besides premium prices. The realization that the healthcare dispute will continue until a medium between insurance companies and the government is found. Followed by the realization that we we have a new style of President that isn't going to waste time. 

Let us remember this when he draws the line on the citizens. In the meantime we can see how this character trait translates to foreign policy. This is just one man's opinion.

Next up. Tax reform.