Thursday, March 16, 2017

America's New Government Era

President Obama's Approval rating 2016

Obama's Approval Rating 2016 

held a near 50 50 split the entire year. That was back when citizens had normal complaints about a President. Maybe a few Obama "Mom Jeans" jokes. After almost a decade under Obama Supervision a rhythm and a trust formed between the citizens and their President. Then he departed. 

Barack Obama's Presidency was a special one. Not only because of the Humility he showed. His time in the White House marked the end of an era of Presidents that held a certain standard.  That standard has shifted to the Trump Mentality. Trump isn't the only one that agrees with this mentality, however.

We must not foget Trump represents the majority of voters. Who are these people? The media has many ways of categorizing them. The reality is the line between that mentality and the ones in disagreement with it is still vague. All we really know is Trump is the face of this mentality. Defining him should define them.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump in a word ... Or Two

Going from political sincerity to superficial authority has left voids in the relationship between the citizens and their President. Trump is harsh, competitive, prideful, boastful, tacky, bitter, and so on and so forth. Not what we're used to seeing in our President. 
Obama was none of those things. Bush was dropped a few times but he wasn't that way either. Clinton was a liar I guess but still better than Trump. It stands to reason that the respected position of President of the United States of America is evolving.

Out With the Obamas In With the Trumps

Obama's departure created a vacuum Trump is trying desperately to fill. All that was common for a President is now uncommon. New employees must reflect these new concepts. This period of transition has been latent. Leaving the government body a complete disaster. All the while the media draws our attention with attacks aimed at everyone and everything.

The Fact Is

This is a new era of governnent. One selected to meet the demand for peace in a world where humility is replaced with security and all that causes pain and suffering is perverse. Even if it isn't Donald Trump eventually America will have to bring in a tougher government to compete with the world. Donald Trump is here to usher in this era. Good or bad. This is only one man's opinon.