Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump

Aparently Snoop Dogg's video for his song "Lavender" depicts him holding a fake gun to a clown resembling President Donald Trump. Normally rappers get away with this kind of stuff but for some odd reason Snoop is being pinned for it.
Snoop did give a comment to Billboard saying he made the video because, "no one is dealing with the issue". No Snoop that's not how we handle things. When you diaagree with someone you dont pretend to shoot them.
Following the video release Twitter blew up. With comments like "satanic bastard" to "how old r u? I was actually surprised by this. I figured  the people would be upset but not on such a scale.
The important thing is to remember that being President is a job. This doesn't mean the person filling the position is good and deserves respect no matter what. Trump is not only closing down policy left and right he is changing the basis of this country. That is upsetting the people. This should be a prelude of how most are going to react eventually. Brace yourselves.
I personally believe a President Trump should be able to complete his term without Snoop Dogg, or anyone else, pretending to shoot him. Good job Trump right out of the gate your acceptence rating is going down. Just wait. Oh great here come the protesters. This is just one man's opinion.