Monday, March 13, 2017

Obama Wire Tapped Trump?! Does it Matter?

Last week President Donald Trump accused former President Barack Obama of telephone tapping Trump Tower during the elections. These allegations were publicized, you guessed it, over Twitter. Isn't this a late night "Set It and Forfet It" rerun already? Am I the only one that feels distracted?
Yesterday McCain publicly requested Trump to either "retract or substantiate his claim." Neither of which Trump has committed to yet but he has a deadline. Monday. Going into next week the bashing on Trump will get even tougher. That's because they know exactly what he is doing.
Let us be clear
This telephone tapping claim was not an error. Trump didn't just mess up again. Just about every move these guys make is calculated. Especially the President. Many believe he is just "like that" ag this point. No way. There is a strong divide building behind all this Twitter and wire tapping nonsense.
Loyalties are being bound either with Trump or against him. That's what our vantage point tells us. The indecisive population has dwindled. People have formed their opinions. Now it is time for Trump to position himself to implement his debatable policies. Pretty good plan for a guy that loves the taste of his own foot.
With all do respect for the position of the 45th President of the United States of America and its holder Donald J. Trump the citizens are not fools. You may keep from empeachment and assume safety. My advice is don't. This protesting generation hopes you aren't empeached I'm sure. How else will the citizens be pushed into America's first coup attempt? Thus us just the opinion from one man.