Tuesday, March 21, 2017

James Comey to Investigate Trump and Russia

James Comey

James Comey Investing Trump and Russia

James Comey is a wonderful example of what integrity looks like swimming upstream, against current, in a river filled with crocodiles and piranhas with a leg cramp and no floaties 10 minutes after eating at a Chinese buffet. His track record proves it time and time again. 

Just this week he announced a denial of the existence of evidence Barrack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump. On the same note he announced an investigation into Trump and Vladimir Putin's relationship. Shouldthe citizens trust him? He has a good track record.

James Comey: Exhibit A

James Comey stood against the White House, in 2004, and refused to let the National Security Agency wiretap without a warrant. This is when he was deputy attorney general. In his bosses hotel room he thretened to quit his job! Definitely integrity points material.

James Comey: Exibit 3

James Comey approved the decision against prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified emails. Then just before voting released a letter stating the investigation had been reopened pending information found on a former aide's, Huma Abedin, Computer. This flip flop proves James Comey goes where the facts go. Integrity points for sure for that. Both sides were mad at him.

Oil : Water; Inregrity : Politicians

American politics is suffering a huge deficit of integrity. During the election focus was on the option of a government remodel. The majority chose the contemporary businessman theme over the typical career polititian motif. I don't blame them. All the candidates together couldn't fill a pen cap with integrity. Well maybe a pen cap but definitely not a reaspoon. This is only one man's opinion.

James Comey piranhas