Sunday, March 12, 2017

Donald Trump, Immigration, and Deportation

Knowledge is power. Ignorance is lack of knowledge. When a citizen gives up on their duty to understand the foreign world just as much as their domestic world they stand weak and ignorant. At the moment many believe "racist" President Trump is focused on the immigration ban and deportation for the wrong reasons. This is why it is so important for us to keep up with current events. Not only keep up with them, but take the time to understand them. Unfortunately, the media has an even bigger part in deportation and illegal immigrants than even Mr. Trump himself.

The media forages, filters, and packages information for us. Free of charge for the most part. Sometimes they fall short on the background reinforcement. They are getting better, however, the better part is our responsibility. If the news tells us Israel and Palestine are stuck in a crisis war we should know why, and possibly for how long. We should know were the Baltic States are, and their relationship with Russia. Where the South China Sea is and how the name of it has nothing to do with who has authority over it.

In America today one current event that is important is Trump and his immigration policies. For those who don't make the time to understand them leave breeding grounds for anger and protest. Here is one major facet.

According to the New York Times in 2014 the "Obama administration issued guidelines for deporting unauthorized immigrants." No protests.  No racist leader accusations. One point.

Obama's immigration policy placed priority on gangsters and felons. Trump dissolved that priority. Followed by protests and implementation of more policy. Looks like the protesting didn't work. It never will. Peaceful or otherwise proresting will destroy our communities before it will move our President.

We must remove ourselves from racist concepts when dealing with our new President. It is only a distraction from the real solutions. Immigration policy is only the beginning. Or maybe protesters are right. If we all protest they probably won't enforce Marshall Law and the country won't succumb to major patches of anarchy. If you don't appreciate President Trump's immigration policy then I suppose his handling of widespread protest won't change your mind. But rhis is just one man's opinion.

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