Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why Do We Rape?

  Why do these boys continue to assault women in public group? A lot of people are saying the punishments in these countries aren't enough. This probably isn't the issue. According to Psychology Today there is a whole list of reasons why people rape. The link to the supporting article is at the bottom of this post. The article lists everything from laziness to women actually wanting to get raped. I don't agree with what the article is saying, but this is a very reliable source. Aside from all the chemicals in our brain what does opinion say about why we rape?
          To get that answer it might be easier to see what keeps us from raping in the first place. Those reasons might be endless as well. Let's say that most of us don't rape because it's morally wrong. Those that don't care for moral probably don't do it because they fear the punishment. In a lot of countries rape is punishable by death. So punishment and moral keeps us from raping. Where is moral and fear of punishment in these public group rape situations?
          Gone. People aren't fearing punishment because they don't expect to get caught. Their morals? They probably weren't there to begin with. Some say it's an instinct that incites when people are in a large group. I don't believe that to be true. Most people in the world wouldn't rape another person no matter the situation. Preventative measures anyone? Coming right up.
          The best way to keep this from happening to you is to avoid dangerous situations. Large groups filled with emotion. Dark alleys. Jogging in Central Park at night. Taking the "short cut" through Compton. Besides avoiding dangerous situations go out in groups. The larger the better. Pay attention to your surroundings. That's just the way the world is nowadays. If we make it a habit now we can prevent these things from being common in our country. Although this is just the opinion of one man, please take it seriously. We must protect our women from these violent crimes.

The Psychology Today Article is available here.

This is an article on a public group raping in Egypt that happened at the inauguration of their new president. This was the inspiration for this article.

Lastly, this is a link to a website called RAINN. An acronym for Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. They have preventative measures as well as hotlines for anyone that has been raped. Check it out.