Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Is ISIS?

        ISIS. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Sometimes the group is called ISIL using Levant instead of Syria as the last letter in the acronym. Levant applies to the region in the Mediterranean. ISIS has been making some headway recently. It's important for us to keep up with it. It's hard with all these Middle Eastern names, and locations. Let's use this brief article to explain what ISIS is. I am getting this information from many sources, and I will just place all links at the bottom so you can read without all the annoying "according to's".
          ISIS formed themselves near the beginning of the war in Iraq. A whole host of tribes and insurgents (which is just a cool word for rebels) jumped up to join the state. So this group of rebels and tribes stood up and said, "we are the Islamic State in Iraq (they added Syria later on). These are our territories and this is what we do." They were new and didn't have much of a reputation. Until 2004.
          In 2004, they pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda. This was probably to get exposure and assistance from the well-known terrorist group. This worked great for the two groups as the addition of any militant group makes Al-Qaeda stronger. Not to mention all the avenues this opens up for ISIS. Their relationship proved to be problematic earlier this year, however. Al-Qaeda cut all ties with ISIS after somewhat of a power struggle between the two in February. Even without Al-Qaeda the group is gaining ground and a death toll.
          The fact is this rebellious group is gaining power and territory fast. After our troops withdrew from the Middle East the militant group has made some serious moves. Acquiring a lot of the weapons and equipment our military left Iraq's government for protection. They move into these villages and provide community assistance programs, fuel, food, and other things to gain the trust of the villagers. The same thing most other terrorist groups do. After they feed them and show face they are basically handed these weapons without even a fight. What can we do to help?
         There isn't much we can do as citizens. What we can do is stay away from war-mongering and comments that suggest we shouldn't worry about other countries. Another thing we can do is keep up with what's going on in the world. Again, this is just one opinion from one man.

Links Links Links. I give credit where credit is due!