Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Are Leaders Regardless

Obama seems to think that the United States will be the one indispensable nation in the century to come. This was what he said in his speech at West Point Military Academy just last month. Of course China disagrees. A spokesperson for their Foreign Ministry responded at a briefing saying the United States "really enjoys being the leader of the world." Another response came from the Global Times, one of their most read newspapers. They published an editorial titled, "America wants to lead the world for another 100 years, but with what?" Do you agree?
Unfortunately there are plenty of American citizens that don't think so. Too often we use economy and statistics based on jobs and investor's dollars, to determine who we are as a country. We forget what being a leader really means.
The one at the front isn't there because he has deep pockets, or because they export more. Being a world leader is about tending to the ones you lead. If China is such a great leader then why aren't they maintaining the world as a civilization? Why don't they go to war for the underdog with all that money they have
? They care about themselves and keeping their money in our pockets, that's why. Hardly leadership qualities.
Next time you get the feeling that America is losing its ground as a world leader change the channel. We are what every country should be. Poor or broke we are America, and when your government abuses you we will be there. This is just one man's opinion.

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