Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Torture. One of the Ultimate Debates

   Torture. It's called a technique. It's even called necessary. Then there's the "humane" forms of torture. Is that like humane raping? Does that fall under attempted humane murder in the first degree? Torture has it's defense, however. The two main defenses for the use of torture are that it's a great way to get information from detainees, and that they deserve it. I will not disagree that they may deserve to be tortured for the anguish they cause the world. I will disagree that America stoop to that level, and be the ones to administer it
American government torturing war prisoners has been a hot topic since the Bush administration. In 2009, Obama released an executive order. It stated that no one held by any United States agency should be subject to interrogation outside of what's in the Army Field Manual 2 22.3. The manual is public information. It still allows for certain techniques that can still be considered torture. They just aren't as sick as what the military was doing during the height of the war in Iraq. That leaves the question. Is there any proof that torture is helpful at all?

In 2006, the Intelligence Science Board released a 372-page report. What did they say about torture? "The scientific community has never established that coercive interrogation methods are an effective means of obtaining reliable intelligence information." What does that mean? It means most of the time the prisoners are in such a poor condition that the information they do give is incorrect or false altogether. Let's say it was productive, in any case. Should we continue it's use?

According to International Law any torture is illegal, even in cases of emergency. America is a leading country. How can we expect other countries to follow these laws when we don't ourselves?

There is no way around it. It's not deemed helpful by the scientific community. It's illegal according to International Law. It's inhumane and takes away from our countries good reputation. I say arrest the suspected criminal. Ask him twice what you need to ask him. If he doesn't answer put him at the front of "the row". This is just one man's opinion.

I obtained information for this article from two sites. The rest is opinion.