Monday, June 9, 2014

The World Economic Forum Global Risk Report

          Let's talk about the World Economic Forum. They are an international group that is committed to improving the state of the world and its future. Their headquarters are in Switzerland and they were established in 1971 as a non-profit organization. Every year they release a Global Risks report. The report is public information, and Google will bring it right to your screen for free. This report is formed from the views of 700 experts from around the world. Pretty good huh? This year's report was filled with all kinds of depressions. From the water crisis to global unemployment. The whole things seems kind of pessimistic. Then there is that one topic.
          The heading of "the one" risk is, "Profound Political And Social Instability". The world is having a lot of that. For the purpose of this article I am referencing all of this information from USA Today and I will provide the link to the article below. Quoting the report under the heading we read, "the risk that one or more systematically critical countries will experience significant erosion of trust and mutual obligations between states and citizens. This could lead to state collapse, internal violence, regional or global instability, and, potentially, military conflict." Let's break this down.
          First let's see who the risk is referring to. "Systematically critical countries". Which countries are those? Different sources say different things. They all pretty much agree on the United States, Canada, England, Russia, China, Japan, France, Germany, and India. In essence, these are the countries the risk pertains to. What is the cause of the risk these countries may face? "Significant erosion of trust [...] between states and citizens". So, people who lose faith in their governments place their country at a risk. I can say that out of all the countries on that list Americans are the ones that seem to be losing the most faith in their government. A lot of people say it's the governments fault and that we have the right to lose faith. That may be true. So let's continue our course. At what cost?
          According to that same report continuing to lose faith in our government, "could lead to state collapse, internal violence, regional or global instability, and, potentially, military conflict." You don't need a dictionary to know that's not good.
          Our government needs to stop messing around and get to work. Those who think they can do better please step up, now's your chance. The rest of us need to maintain our faith and continue our countries progression into these next 100 years. It's up to us. This is just one man's opinion.

The information on the report was pulled out of this article by USA Today. Below it is a link to more information about the World Economic Forum.