Friday, June 13, 2014

The ISIS Crisis Ladies And Gentlemen!

   The problem in Iraq needs to be met quickly. ISIS is moving quickly. Here we go with the same nonsense. "Don't send in our troops, "Let them worry about themselves", "It's Obama's fault, he pulled them out too soon". I can hear it all already. So what is Obama going to do?
           According to an article released by CNN he is reviewing four options. Send in troops, hit them with airstrikes, send them war goods, and political assistance. Let's give a quick look at these options. Sending in troops will work. We did just bring them back, however. Let's try an avoid this one. Airstrikes? Yeah that works too. Except they aren't very specific attacks. They wipe out civilians, and these terrorist know that. They use them as camouflage holding our good intentions against us. Our goal is no casualties. War goods. We have sent them plenty already. A lot of them were forfeited to ISIS when they took over these areas. We have to be careful what we send them and how much. Most likely just sending them goods wont work. That bring us to political assistance.  That needs it's own paragraph.
          Political assistance in these poor countries is a crazy idea. These people are hungry. These people need fuel and community assistance for their villages. This is provided to them from terrorist groups. These terrorist groups aren't terrifying most of these areas. They win them over completely. Of course in payment they have to submit to the terrorists' religion, and it's level of extreme. Not much to pay for when they share the same religion anyways. In the end they pledge allegiance to those that provide for them. We can't blame them. Solution?
          I'm no security official, but this needs attention now. As citizens we need to stay away from propaganda speaking against our government about these issues. Like what? Like social network ads that speak against our government. News articles saying things like, "I told Obama's administration it was too early. I think they should be fired! I new this was going to happen." These are things that form your opinion for you. If you agree with that let's round up all those soldiers that came home and we could all tell them how we wished they never came home in the first place. This is just the opinion of one man.

This article was inspired by the article by CNN at the link below.