Monday, June 16, 2014

Terrorists Could Be On Your Friends List

The real leader of ISIS
  The ISIS situation in Iraq seems to be getting thicker. More and more villages are being captured every few days. This is information we should be keeping up with. Some don't because they don't see how these things effect us. Some really don't have the time to watch the news or read the newspaper. Let's use the current situation to see how keeping up with the news can be vital to the safety of our families and loved ones.
          ISIS continues to unravel all the work our soldiers have done. At the same time they are displaying proof of their horrendous deeds over social media. After reading an article or watching the news on these topics most continue about their day. They might toss up a thought of how bad it must be "over there". Not realizing the true danger of the situation. "Terrorists have Facebook and Twitter accounts!?" ... This is the correct response.
          This means that terrorists can be looking at our photos right now. This means that they could have access to all of our personal whereabouts. They can hack into our computers and commit crimes against us on a personal level. The options are truly endless. What can we do to guard ourselves?
           Reevaluate your purpose for social media. Delete accounts of people you really don't know. Take a good look at what you post before you post, and make sure you understand your privacy settings and how to use them. The most important thing is that we realize what doors are open before terrorists can get in them. In this way we, as citizens, might be able to save some lives. Imagine that. This is just one man's opinion.