Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stop The Brutality And Corruption

Maybe License Plate Scanners Will Stop This From Happening
CNN released a video on license plate scanners. These scanners are mounted on the light bars of cop cars for the Los Angeles police department. Great idea! The technology, released by Planatir, links the scanners with software at their base station. This helps the police department create super large databases of everyone's license plates. It also opens up avenues for finding cars that are stolen,
among other things. Anything to help keep citizens safe. So why is the government so adamant to keep the cops ahead? For our safety. Who is there to keep us safe from the cops then?
Every year thousands of reports of police misconduct are reported. These reports can be anything from overeager cavity searchers to full blown rape. So are scanning license plates more important than keeping us safe from bad cops?
I would like to see some of these programmers come up with some apps that make the criminal determination in the field a neutral process. Dash cams aren't enough. We need something that gives citizens a way to defend themselves against police. Put the dash cams on a live feed from our cell phones, how about that? Screw your stupid license plate sensors. Come up with something that actually helps a grave situation. You're here to defend us right? This is another opinion brought to you by one man.

The news on the license plate scanners is available at this link http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/05/specials/city-of-tomorrow/?hpt=hp_c2#Los%20Angeles

The rest of this information is common knowledge and opinion.