Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shooter In Seattle.

If only shooters started on themselves
          Another American who decided to get a weapon and attack the community. A problem that seems to be happening again and again. The root cause of these situations is case by case. The fact of the matter is that a solution seems to be getting farther and farther away. It would be close to impossible to create a program that would cover even the majority of reasons why shooters do what they do. One thing is certain. Those who are shunned get angry. Those that get angry get even.
          Adults bully and neglect members of society who are different. They shun them. Make jokes about them. These "weird" individuals don't get invited to barbecues or picnics. This doesn't mean you invite a Chester to your kids birthday party. As Americans, however, we need to uphold our reputation of accepting all members of society. If not we at least need to keep a watchful eye on the mental health of our fellow man. There is a physical life outside of social networking. Imagine that! If you heard someone is going through a divorce offer an ear. If you know someone got fired keep up with them until they get another job. You know, be a good s
         We cannot blame anyone in particular for these shootings. What we can to is contribute to our community by watching over each other. You never know if your the straw that breaks the camels back. If you are hopefully it's not the Geiko Camel. He's alright. This is just the opinion of one man.