Monday, June 2, 2014

Vladimir Putin Vs Propaganda

He loves dogs. He can't be that bad, right?
Okay here's the news of it. This week Obama is checking out a few countries in Europe. According to Fox News, Poland, Belgium, and France are among the countries he will visit. 
Earlier this week Russia attempted to host a meeting with some of these European leaders. They boycotted the meeting. Nice! Following the boycott, Obama is now holding a meeting with the Group of Seven, also known as G7. This group consists of the seven countries with the most industrialized economies.
This Friday Putin and Obama, along with a host of other country leaders, will be in France. This is where they are holding the anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy. 
         To sum things up, Obama is having a meeting in Europe with the same leaders that denied Putin a meeting. Then they are all going to hang out in France and hash it out. Hopefully. 

Now for the opinion. If Putin shows up in France then he is obviously willing to work with the world leaders. Let's not fill out heads with propaganda and form a hate for Putin. This will only lead to warmongering that will leave us complaining about our troops being sent to a war that we begged for. Let's hope that they continue towards a resolve. 
        I have seen a lot of articles and blogs saying that Putin is turning into a dictator, and that we should fear the new "Hitler". The ammo feeding this propaganda? Most of the articles are fueled with a law Putin passed that charges a fine for swearing. Big deal! He isn't locking up people according to race. It's not that I am a fan of Putin, it's that I hate propaganda and I trust in my President. Obama has a good way of staying away from war. I trust that him and his cabinet will make sure to keep Putin calm. 
There are other countries to worry about. Don't let propaganda tell you what someone is. Check it out yourself. It's our duty as citizens of a leading world power to educate ourselves on whats going on in the world. In this way we can discredit propaganda from the truth as it comes along. As always this is the opinion of just one man.

All information in the news section of this article was pulled from the article at this link

All the information that is in the opinion section was pulled from my brain. TY!