Monday, June 2, 2014

New Mexico Making Criminals Rich

David Eckert's current X-Ray.
The news. Almost two years ago in New Mexico, David Eckert was pulled over and cavity searched several times. No drugs were found. He received $1.6 million tax dollars for the ordeal. That has to be the best porn star deal ever! Still too soon? Okay, moving on.
According to Fox News, three of the officers involved are still working. The status of the other three are unknown. Should we be outraged that they aren't in prison, or at least fired?

Yes and no. Here comes the opinion. I understand it is horrible that these police officers made this mistake
. Removing what might be propaganda from the deal things seem different.
Eckert had a long history of hiding things in his behind. They most likely had probable cause. According to the report from Fox News they had to watch him poo several times. I doubt you could find a group of officers that would enjoy that. They really thought the guy had something.
So don't be outraged that someone got cavity searched and nothing was found. Be outraged because $1.6 million tax dollars were given away to a guy that has a public record of stuffing things in his butt.
Policeman do make mistakes. This judge made a bigger one. This is just the opinion of one man.

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