Sunday, June 1, 2014

Never Say Never

We Could Be Holding The Same Signs One Day.
         Rapes. I hate even discussing rapes.
Gang rapes ending in hangings? Come on India! We have five suspects and two victims. The victims are two girls ages 14 and 16, poor things. They were gang raped, murdered, and hanged from a tree. The suspects are three brothers, and two police officers. Brothers and Cops?! It is a sad day if this proves to be the beginning of an epidemic. Let's look into the situation a little shall we?
This happened in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the famous Taj Mahal is located. There are poverty stricken areas in this state like most of the other states in India. Sanitation is an issue in these areas. Most living quarters don't have available bathrooms forcing people to leave the area to use the restroom. For women this is an issue. They go out into fields leaving them wide open for attacks.
What idiot would let their two teenage daughters go out into a field to use the restroom by themselves? They should hang them along with the five suspects. Another situation that could have been prevented. Let us keep in mind that rapes are becoming more common in that part of the world. This particular one received fame because it ended in murder.
We should be outraged, at least. At most we can try to remove what immoral practices may lead our country down the same path. Some say never though, it seems never always gets here eventually. This is just one man's opinion.

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