Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Civil War Between Sexes

Let's make it a clean fight.
        Equal is a powerful word. It is also misused at times. This happens to be especially true in marriage and partnerships. As far as worth, yes each side is equal. As far as finances yes they are split equal. Equal applies to value and worth not necessity. A rising problem in America is the civil war between sexes. Women don't need men, men don't care about women, and children get stuck in between.
        The rising opinion that women don't need men is a horrible one. Equal as horrible as saying a man doesn't need a woman. Let's talk about this "77 cent" difference in pay between women and men. It should be common knowledge that this fact is false. That statistic is a lazy one. All they did was average all full-time employees according to sex. They subtracted the two numbers from each other and viola! 77 cents. When real things that make real statistics are taken into account the number drops down to 5 cents. So statistically speaking both sexes make just about the same. Equal. Women don't need men because they can make the same amount of money on their own. So when are you and your paycheck getting married ma'am?
          Let's bash on some men shall we? Men cheat, they beat, they rape, and they leave. I don't need numbers to prove that. Not all men are bad, however. So does a good successful man not need a woman? Of course. Women help men in a lot of ways. They are more outgoing so it rubs of. For men, who are naturally introverts, this is a wonderful quality to have around. They are more compassionate pushing men to be the same way. They nurture us in ways that help us maintain our daily lives. Women are naturally inclined to keep a household in order (I'm not talking about cleaning). They make keep appointments, accounts, and sanity in a household, especially with children. Women are necessary for healthy success in life.
         The fact is men and women don't need each other for survival. They need each other for a hole lot of other reasons. We need to keep this in mind. It's not who does things better. It's how much more you can get done when you work together. We were created in a natural partnership. Let's keep it that way. This is one man's opinion.