Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Men Get Raped Too. Not Just In Prison.

           Some studies prove some truly remarkable statistics. Ever heard of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)? It's a survey that's conducted on several thousand households. Each of these households undergoes an interview twice during the year they are surveyed. The one they conducted last year came up with some of those remarkable statistics. The survey was conducted on 40,000 homes. When it came to rape and sexual violence 38 percent of the cases were men!
          This was a local survey and may not represent the numbers for the entire nation. What it does prove is that sexual assault against men is present. So are men or women raping other men? The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently analyzed their sexual assault and rape data. Want to hear another remarkable statistic? 46 percent of male victims were assaulted or raped by a female. Is that possible? It sure is.
         Sex crimes against men aren't exactly an epidemic. These crimes aren't only committed in jails and prisons, however. The military isn't the only other place this happens either. They are very real real crimes happening to innocent civilians and we should be aware of them. Make sure to keep your pepper spray guys, and stay out of those dark allies. This is just one man's opinion.