Monday, June 16, 2014

Making Moves: Acts Of Kindness WK 1

I have my crayons, coffee, and laptop. Cape equivalents :)
          I started this blog with the main purpose to reestablish faith in our government. Writing isn't enough. To make moves you have to make moves. So I made moves. I started acts of kindness this week. My first was to ask 30 random people if they needed someone to talk to. My second was making 50 handmade cards for hospitalized children. Why? Let's do one at a time.
I'm not an artist. I hope they like them.
         The reason I asked 30 people if they needed someone to talk to was in hopes that someone did. Maybe talking to someone about their day will prevent them from a crime that day. If I could prevent one violent act it would all be worth it. Did I? I don't know. I got only one person to actually talk to me. They told me they had a bad day, but that things seemed to be turning up. I didn't expect to talk a stranger off a ledge. Just trying to lend an ear.
         My second act of kindness was making the cards. It took me almost three days, with the help of my wife. I shot for 50 cards, but I ran out of supplies. It's okay I'll make it up next time.
         The point? Helping the community is something we need to make a habit in this country. As I get older I see less and less people caring about anything. This is alarming. So I decided every Monday I will report on the acts of kindness I completed that week. This is only the beginning. Let's make moves America! This is just one man's opinion.

If anyone wants the link to the company that accepts the cards check it out here.