Thursday, June 5, 2014

Keeping An Eye On China

No that's not Jackie Chan. I assure you.
          Xi Jinping. A name a lot of us don't even know exists. This man is the President of the People's Republic of China. His father, Xi Zhongxun, was famous for his contributions to communism. We aren't going to highlight his whole political career. Let's just say he has a long and successful one ... In China. He is noted for his campaign against corruption. The articles listing his clean up of the Chinese government are many. Propaganda at its finest. Then there was light!
          According to Voice of America News, Xi is quoted as saying, "It is disadvantageous to the common security of the region if military alliances with third parties are strengthened." What does that mean? Stop hooking up with the United States, it's not a good idea. Well that's not nice Xi! What effect did this have on the surrounding Asian countries? According to the same article Asian countries have strengthened their alliances with the United States. This is because China is attempting to intimidate them and it's working.
          First the Middle East. Then Russia and Ukraine. Now China is really starting to make moves. As it seems, America and it's allies are having trouble keeping up with the world's work. The government really can't do it on their own. So what can we do to help?
          The first thing we need to stay away from is warmongering. Americans really don't understand how powerful mongering can be. Just ask all those poor soldiers coming home. I have. Mongering is never any good. It's ignorant and should be outlawed. China is a growing country and it needs a lot of resources to continue its existence. Fights over resources are going to take place and we need to keep them at that.
          The second thing we must do is keep from taking it out on every person we see from Asian decent. It's not their fault. I'm not saying we are known for doing it, but we definitely have a history of it. We don't want history to become reputation. I mean how mad do you get when you see other countries burning our flag? Do we want our allies to see us on their news screaming war?
          There is no denying it Xi Jinping is attempting to form a line in the pacific. We have a few allies over there we need to worry about. Doing our part as citizens is upholding our reputation as a country that leads. One that cares about the safety of the world. Not one that is violent and whose citizens are known for promoting war. Let the bad guys say bad things. Let us maintain our promotion of peace. Besides that keep up with these events. It is just an important as eating and drinking. This is just the opinion of one man.

The VOA News article is at the link below.