Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Green Coffee Bean


  Recently CNN released an article about the Dr. Oz green coffee bean situation. The problem is that Dr. Oz was quoted for using "flowery" language to describe green coffee bean extract supplements on his show. For those that don't know what green coffee bean extract is, it's just a dietary supplement that says to help lose weight. So Dr. Oz said It was "lightning in a bottle" and also referred to the supplement as a "miracle. I can't seem to get over incompetent people are to purchase their own products. Law suits are stemming from the issues now, of course. What's a problem in the U.S without our citizens trying to get money from someone?
          The fact is it's holisitc medicine people. None of it is proven otherwise it wouldn't be holistic medicine. You can't blame Dr. Oz because you didn't lose weight by just eating pills. Some things in life are earned, imagine that. Me and my wife used green coffee beans ourselves after seeing Dr. Oz promote it. Did it work for us? No. Why? We sat on our computers building a blog the whole time. We're not going to lose weight sitting down no matter what pills we take.
        CNN ended their article with "Don't believe everything you see". I'll agree with that. What I think is the more important point is don't SUE everything you see. I'm sure most of the people the drug didn't work for aren't suing anyone. Like me and my wife. You can believe whatever you want. You can't get money for whatever you want, however. This is just the opinion of one man.