Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Old Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a well-known politician. Some say she's good some say other things. Either way she comes from the end of an era of politicians that did things they didn't want for the good of the country. Now we have politicians doing whatever they want and being proud of it. I wrote an article not too long ago for a media firm that was about politicians and drug abuse. The record is horrendous! The fact is some politicians have more couth than others. Hillary Clinton has couth. I think the country pretty much agrees.                                  
           According to an article released by ABC News, 67% of Americans view her as a strong leader. 60% say she's trustworthy and honest. 59% say she has good ideas for America's future. Recently she has released her book, "Hard Choices". The book is said to cover topics like Monica Lewinsky and Benghazi. A good read for her fans or anyone interested in her side of these topics. This is just one man's opinion.

The article ABC News released is at the link below.