Friday, June 6, 2014

Use Those Smartphones America

Bikers wear your go pros. 
    Recently I came across a great article. Have a look please.

          If you read the article great! If you didn't great! To sum it up it's a great idea to video record your traffic stops, it's legal. Now, I'm not saying if Cheech was driving down the interstate with 20 pounds of marijuana flowers that he should bust out his cell phone while the cops are searching. This is for the average person. This is for women that drive on dark roads late at night. This is for young teenagers who are actually following traffic laws. This is for the 6,000 + complaints issued about crooked cops every year. This is about fighting back.
          When you get pulled over, pull over. Shut the car off then grab your phone. In that order would be your best bet for a million reasons. Turn your camera on and do everything the police officer says. Be courteous and let them know you're filming. As the article says don't push the camera in their face like paparazzi. Not only is it rude it can prompt a whole bunch of nasty nonsense you don't want.
          It's great that we can use technology to defend ourselves against government officials that may not have the best intentions. It is important to note that not all police officers are bad. The complaints don't come close to outweighing the good they do. After all,  if someone holds you hostage three digits on a phone and they will be there. Like heroes without capes. We should look into equipping them with some. At least for photos. This is just one man's opinion.