Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don't Believe The Hype

"I'm telling you, Kim Jong-un exposed himself to me.
That's the size of it!"
          The problems with Asia and Russia are adding up. China continues fighting for resources. Russia wants to build a pipeline through North and South Korea. China is pushing Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam to stop their third party alliances with the United States. All kinds of conspiracy theories are spreading themselves all over the web. "Putin is pivoting towards Asia." "China is gearing up for war." "North Korea is teaming up with Russia against the United States." Are any of these theories true?
          China is a very large country that is heavily populated. Russia is also a large country that is heavily populated. Large countries like these need resources to exist. Large countries like this have to look towards the future of their countries. As the United Nations continues to put out reports of shortages in resources in the coming years. These countries need to form alliances that can help them maintain a steady flow of these resources. Pipelines, avenues for import and export, and disagreements between the land that holds these resources should be expected. North Korea's position in all of this is being extremely poor and needing something to keep it's economy going.
          Imagine if the United States was cut off from their oil supplies overseas. They would need to replace it. Maybe they would shift up north or maybe down into South America. Either way we would have to make bargains with other countries to make sure we could have these connections when it is necessary. These bargains could seem like a host of other things. Like meetings to discuss personal drug bargains between politicians. No matter what anything looks like we have to go off of what we know.
          The fact is these countries could be creating a pipeline and rail for the two of them to transport nuke juice if there was a coming war. We have no proof of that, however
. Just because a country doesn't like us or we don't like them doesn't mean they can't better themselves and maintain their people. #Don'tBelieveTheHype. This is just one man's opinion.