Monday, June 9, 2014

Dear Readers New And Last Week

    I have been getting great feed back on this blog. I really appreciate it, and I want to thank all the readers who have been keeping up with things so far. I feel it is time to introduce myself and express the intentions of this blog. I promise to keep things brief.
          My name is Robert; but enough about me more about the blog. News is necessary. Believe it or not the news doesn't get to inform us about everything. One of the main reasons is because these stations need viewers to stay in operation. Viewers means money from advertising. This creates a situation where the focus is our attention span not informing us on topics that are important for our well-being. This is the main reason behind their lies and misleading information. That brings us to the purpose of this blog. To bring the attention back to informing people on what's important. Like reestablishing faith in our government, exercising our freedom to form an opinion, raising awareness on issues often unrealized, and reporting calming ideas not ones that promote mongering.
          The news can continue to inform you on murders, how America is losing it's grip, and how our government sucks. This blog will continue to publish ways to prevent further murders, how America will come back, and how our government needs reform not criticism.
          I know those were some confusing sentences. Just know this blog is for you, and please check back often as all of the published topics are important to most of us and several are published daily. If you disagree with something great! Please feel free to publicly display your point in the comments box. I will get back to it. Let's move forward America. As always, this is just the opinion of one man.