Friday, June 6, 2014


          Today is D-Day. For those that don't know what D-Day is lets get some highlights. The date is June 6 1944. The operation had many names. For the purpose of this article we will stick with D-Day. Germany had occupied most of Europe including France. This D-Day operation was to liberate France from German rule and establish a foothold in the Nazi territory. This was the largest seaborne attack to have ever taken place. It was such a large scale invasion that it took over a year to plan. Although, it wasn't only an attack by sea and it wasn't only the United States. Several countries contributed forces to the operation and the battle was fought from the skies, ground, and from the sea.
          Around 9,000 allied troops were killed or wounded that day. Some Nazi boys died too. Now that we have hit the highlights let us take a moment of silence to reflect on this day and the deaths that it caused.