Friday, June 6, 2014

Citizens Call To Arms.

    When those big piles of beef are at the gym working out they continue to stare at themselves and each other. That's what the mirrors are for right? "To check form"? Yeah, right. This is similar to the United States and Russia now a days. One flies some bombers over Guam then just by California. Followed by a show of paratroopers. This is nothing more than flexing. It's hard to get an idea of what's happening between these world leaders. I seem to remember China threatening its Asian neighbors, and one young ugly North Korean dictator saying, "like a moth to the flame". Is there a connection here?
          As far as we know they don't like the United States or their ideas. There is no doubt that the American people need to push in on this. The most upsetting thing I hear is "Russia is broke", "Korea is Broke", or "China is broke". Don't let propaganda fool you. These countries may not be loaded with money and technology, but together they would be hard to stop. I am not going to down play our country, and I never will. I will say, I don't believe we have the money or the military morale right now to go to war with these powers. We had problems fighting these terrorists, which are no more than a super large street gang. Imagine actual countries with real military capabilities. Scratch that don't imagine it. Let's steer clear of it if we can. How?
          American citizens don't realize we run our government. Our government leads the world. So in a third party way we lead the world. We have to come together and start a rally of peace and security. Set aside our ignorant ideas. Allow me to list some of them. "We have to worry about our own country", selfish. "Let's just drop some bombs", stupid. "They're broke and can't afford a war", ignorant. "If they draft I'll just leave the country", careless. If you have thought this way or still do please think long and hard about these options for our country. It is a lot easier to say these things, than to do them. So after we have removed ignorance and propaganda what can we physically do?
          It starts off with saying it. When someone says war, say peace. If you're a writer use your pen. If you're a business owner use your markets. If you're a teacher use your students. If you're a student use your peers. If we start now we might be able to lessen an even bigger problem. Besides, we wanted our troops home. Not for vacation, for good. This is the opinion of one man.