Monday, June 2, 2014

Child Violence

Someone Somewhere Thought This Was Cute. #SadParents
When the Saw movies made their debuts I was sick. I didn't understand how so many people could sit and watch these movies without a problem. They were fighting to be the first to see the gruesome torture. Then came UFC. A televised battle drawing in ranks to hang out at bars, and watch engagements resembling the Colosseum's fights to the death. Then came the violent video games. Those that were dying to be in Iraq shooting "perps" could plug in to the internet and shoot them all day. Not to mention the children spending so much time engaging in this violence. Few seem to think it's a problem. Until it proves to be.
The news. According to CNN, three girls age 12 were friends. Two of them were into internet horror stories. So much so they decided to bring the stories to life. They lured a girl into the woods and stabbed her 19 times. The poor victim was found crawling on the side of the road. The city Police Chief Russel Jack says according to their investigation the girls had "planned to kill the victim for several months."

So before we indulge in what is a serious problem let's not automatically blame the parents. Yes they are the number one front in making sure their children don't view this kind of stuff. Do you only blame parents when kids are smoking? Some do. There are rules in marketing certain things, however. We can't sell alcohol or tobacco to minors, so why are we selling these things to children? Well, they have plenty of programs in place to suggest how old a child should be to play a game. They have to put in their fake birth dates to view these sites. I mean they are trying right? Wrong! It's obviously not enough.
Restricting the country's youth and what they view, as well as what they consume, is important. When we start taking it more seriously then maybe Microsoft can stop selling our kids violent software. I mean they know more about weapons then most grown men.
This is just one man's opinion.