Thursday, June 5, 2014

Canada Gets Shot Up!

Rambo died his hair and moved to Canada?!
          Another one of those "no way" moments. Canada is getting shot up too! What is the world coming too? Location is Moncton. I know I had to double check the spelling three times. It's a city in Canada with about 100,000 residents. According to an article released by CNN a man named Justin Bourque, 24, shot three police officers and injured two others. So another unexpected shooting. Let's get a little info on the city.
          Reader's Digest and a host of other sources consider the city of Moncton to be one of the most polite cities in Canada. Being the best place to live and work is another name Moncton has made for itself. Another surprise. Shooters, like this one, hardly come out of poverty stricken areas. Either way the city will become infamous for this shooting that's for sure. What can we learn from this?
          You never know. Even when you live in a nice neighborhood bad things can happen. We have to keep an eye on each other. Outside of family a lot of this weight falls on bosses, neighbors, and colleagues. Don't dismiss people. Instead pay more attention. Don't treat everyone as a shooter. Treat them as human beings. Most of the time these shooters are ignored members of society. At times you could almost consider them the victims of adult-bullying. If you know someone is having issues set aside some time to talk to them. Have your boss talk to them, or if you're the boss be the boss.
          I'm not saying shooters are victims. I'm saying that shooters, among other things, can be the result of society's lack of interest in those that need help. Maybe Bourque was a popular fellow with no problems at all. Then again someone who takes a rifle and starts gunning down policeman has to have something wrong with him. This is just one man's opinion.

I drew the news from an article released by CNN here is the link.

When you are done reading this article I suggest a moment of silence for the police officers that were killed. Most will continue on saying, "I don't even live in Canada!" Or you will possibly make sounds with your mouth that I have no clue how to spell. It's just a suggestion. :)