Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bullets For Unarmed Civilians

The United States Border Patrol is a wonderful and necessary enforcement agency. Keeping illegal immigrants out of the country is not the only task on their job description. They also work to keep drugs out of the country, and putting a stop to human trafficking. There's one slight issue. Since 2010, 20 civilians have been killed in their custody or in the field as a result of the Border Patrol. Well that's not bad right? Various sources claim most of them were  unarmed. There's the problem. We can't blame them completely they have a dangerous job. They get shot all the time. Right?
According to the United States Department of Homeland Security, since 1904, the Border Patrol has listed 119 deaths in the line of duty. Out of 119 deaths only 31 were related to gunfire. 31 deaths in over a hundred years! The point? The Border Patrol doesn't get shot that often. So why are they so quick to shoot?
The reason is unclear although, lately there has been a surge in Border Patrol hiring. How many are we talking? Since the late 90's over 10,000 employees have been hired by the agency. Does this have anything to do with what a great job it is for troops that are coming home? Maybe. Are they not checking these troops for PTSD properly before giving them a weapon again? Maybe. Maybe this is a ripple effect from the war or maybe it's the Border Patrol's right to make sure they get home to their families in one piece.
This is just one man's opinion.