Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bring The Manufacturers Closer To Home.

          Mexico continues to rain their citizens on us. The United States continues to deport them. It's a horrible and expensive process. It is a problem some people might solve with a wall or a bullet. This is not the solution. Obviously when you have people fighting inclement weather and hundreds of miles at a shot to be a bum on our street there is a problem.
          Mexico has tons of issues. These issues should be common knowledge. Just in case they aren't let's take a quick look at their issues. Crime is high. Morale is low. Corruption is high. Pay is low. Work is scarce. That pretty much sums it up. So we can't go around fixing every country. Although one that borders us may be one we need to keep an eye on. What can we do?
          One idea would be to move our manufacturing plants from China to Mexico. It's something that will take a lot of planning, time, and money. It would be highly beneficial for our country, however. It would employ Mexican citizens keeping them from coming over here looking for work. The boost in their economy would also help by providing us work across the border. At the same time making Mexico a better place to be. They are human too you know. This won't solve all of their problems, but the benefits are tremendous. Why not bring the plants here?
          We could move a lot of plants home for Americans to work at as well. Unfortunately, we cost too much, which is a good thing. Our wage cause a whole list of ripple effects that would end up making the whole process collapse on itself. Why do you think the business owners moved everything that way? Reagan? To screw citizens up? Business owners aren't all evil. They did it to keep prices down. Besides, we are making our way out of economic difficulty without the manufacturing plants.
          The fact is China is being defiant and just plain ignorant. Why are we supporting them with our purchases? Let's bring them closer to home. It doesn't necessarily have to be here, but at least move them to a place that's beneficial to us. This is the opinion of just one man.

This opinion is in response to an article written by Fox News. Check it out