Thursday, June 12, 2014

Border Patrol And Sexual Assault.

   U.S. Customs and Border Protection is now defending themselves against accusations of sexual abuse. There are 116 of these complaints according to an article released by CNN today. Where did they get the information? The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and four immigrant-rights groups. For those that don't know what the ACLU does, they basically protect our individual human rights. So you have this large group of representatives that come by and slap this report of sexual abuse on the Border Patrol. Let's see what the ACLU has to say.
            I checked out the article based on the report on the ACLU website. Almost all of the cases they spoke about were long detainee times. As most of the detainees on the report suffered from an illness before they got there it is hard to place all the blame on Border Patrol for most of these instances. They are not doctors. One of the complaints published by ACLU in their article said a teenage girl had her legs "violently spread and touched her genital area forcefully." The article doesn't say if the officers who performed, what sounds like a cavity search, were male or female. So why are they performing cavity searches on these kids anyways?
           Well let's first remember that the cartel is using kids to transport drugs across the border. This makes it hard for Border Patrol to do their job. They must make sure these children aren't drug mules. Strip searching children never sounds good. We have to blame the cartel for that not Border Patrol. I'm sure some were performed improperly, leaving the door open for the phrase "sexual assault" or "sexual abuse". What ever happened to the benefit of a doubt?
          I am not taking away from the fact that Border Patrol needs an overhaul. I believe they do and I think all of these reports need to be investigating thoroughly. There are a few allegations of full blown rape, and it has happened before. We have to keep a neutral mindset when we form our initial opinions on allegations against our government. This is part of reestablishing our faith in them. This is just the opinion of one man.

The CNN article that inspired this opinion is at the link below.

The link to the page of the ACLU website where they released the report is here. At the bottom there is a link to read the report in full. Have at it.