Saturday, June 7, 2014


    Autism. There have been some awareness programs put in place to inform the public on what autism is. So, for those who don't know yet, what is autism? There is autism and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Both are titles that cover a wide variety of forms. In general, all forms of autism are a general brain developmental disorder. This leads to speech problems, learning difficulties, and even sleeping problems among other things. Sometimes a child diagnosed with autism excels in one certain subject, or has a high sensitivity to one of their senses. Most of the symptoms that lead to diagnosis are found when the child is between 1 and 1-1/2. So what causes this disorder?
         Coming up with the source of this problem is difficult as there are many forms of the disorder. What scientists do know is that genes have a lot to do with it. If someone in your immediate family has it or has had a baby with autism your child might be more susceptible to the disorder. Environmental issues also receive blame. This doesn't mean if its cold outside your child might be born with autism. This is a brain developmental disorder. This means that anything that interferes with the brains development can push a child into the disorder if it's in their genes. Age of the parents, premature birth, lack of oxygen during pregnancy, and mothers exposed to high levels of pollution are examples of environmental issues. Please note that this must be in conjunction with the gene for these factors to cause autism. They cannot cause them alone.
        How many children are showing up with this disorder? According to the United States Center for Disease Control, 1 out of 68 American children has autism. Studies show that this number has been increasing over the past years. However, they believe this could be because of the raise in awareness. ASD has affected over 2 million children in America. Sad but true.
       Autism is a real disorder. This is especially good information for young couples who are looking to have children. This just creates another reason why women should be taking such good care of themselves during pregnancy, not that autism is their fault. There are preventative measures. Eat your vitamins, check with your doctor, and please no drugs, tobacco, or alcohol. No excuses now, we are all forced to have medical coverage let's stop complaining about Obamacare and just use it. This is just one mans opinion.

Some information for this article was snatched from here.