Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are They Born Gay?

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          Gay people are everywhere. They are a non-violent group of people with a specific sexual practice. Scientists spend a lot of time and money researching what makes people this way. There are two main opinions to the topic of people being born gay. Some feel they are born this way. Some feel this is a habit learned from their environment. Let's look at some numbers.
         According to the latest Gallup Poll, 42% of Americans believe gay people are born with the notion as opposed to 13% in 1978. 37% believe gay people learn to be gay from their upbringing and environment as opposed to 56% in 1978. Now before we indulge in these numbers and what they mean let's get a brief idea of what a Gallup poll is.
         A Gallup poll is almost always a directory-assisted phone call that has the person punch in numbers to answer specific questions. After they poll a certain amount they weigh these numbers against the nation and come up with a percentage. On to indulging in opinion.
         What do these numbers say to us? Most people have changed their minds. What does opinion say? As America continues to accept the gay lifestyle we have an open opportunity to see them up close and realize how normal they really are. Now society doesn't hate them. When one individual accepts another they are less apt to say anything bad about them. We don't hear the question as "Do you believe gay people are born gay or raised gay?" We hear the questions as, "Which option is less offensive to gay people?" This corrupts our actual opinion. The point of all this?
          There are two actually. The main point is only science can say if people are born gay or not. Polling Americans won't get to the bottom of it. Point number two. Although this poll was to discover America's opinion, it didn't ask the right question. Sort of like when someone is conducting an interview. It's not about the question, it's how to get the answer you're looking for. As always, this is just the opinion of one man.

The Gallup poll mentioned is displayed at the link below.

If you would like to know more about what goes into the Gallup poll check this link out.