Sunday, June 1, 2014

Are SWAT Baby Boomers Or What?

Cute Kid! Idiot Set Of Parents. Disrupted Future. #Shame
I am not one to judge people. If you want to sell drugs go ahead. If you have children get a job. You're an idiot if you think your business will never effect your family. The drama brought by customers should be enough to encourage someone with a family they love to stay away its prospects. If that's not enough remember law enforcement spends all day and night looking for these businesses. I have one horrible example coming right up.
Imagine you are a drug dealer. You are paranoid that you could get busted with or without the help of your very own product. So, you put your one-year-old baby in his crib and use it to block the door. Wait. Use the crib to block the door? That's exactly what happened in Georgia on Wednesday according to an article released by CNN.
The idiot drug dealer used his baby to barricade the front door. It worked. Swat was hitting the door with their battering ram and were having a hard time. To solve the door problem they busted the closest window and tossed a flash grenade in. Wouldn't you imagine it landed right on the baby's pillow. BOOM! The baby was immediately taken to the hospital. The mother reported that the doctors had to induce the baby into a coma. Not good.
So, of course, the mother is screaming all kinds of bloody murder. Maybe SWAT could have used their x-ray goggles, that they don't have, to see through the door before they tossed the grenade. Or maybe the idiot drug dealers shouldn't be barricading their paranoia with their baby's crib. Women and children first ... That way we know it's safe. This is just one man's opinion

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