Thursday, June 5, 2014

America Is Going Green.

I knew I liked the guy.
The effects of marijuana on the brain are a bit complicated. CNN does a great job of explaining them. Check this video out. The video talks about this "Entourage Effect". This is a basic way of describing how marijuana helps people who convulse or have other abnormalities that cause undesirable movements. This is great! People with all kinds of problems are being treated with marijuana and it's working. Is there a problem? Yes. Millions of people have a problem with it. They can get over the debates that are solved by science. What they can't get over is the fact that Americans like to consume marijuana. Let's get this out in the open.

After a wonderful game of rock, paper, scissors with myself, pro-weed goes first. The ones that smoke marijuana for recreation need to stop the lies. Be honest about it. If you smoke marijuana then you smoke marijuana (as long as you are within the law). The same way someone smokes cigarettes or drinks. Don't tell people you smoke because you can't sleep, or that it works for your anxiety if it doesn't. This messes it up for those that really need it, like Montel Williams *punch line*. Imagine if every time someone asked you why you drank you said, "I have bladder problems man. The beer makes me pee." They would know you're lying and discredit you. Stop the lying and tell the truth.
On to those who hate the marijuana gods. I will say the same. Get over it. You sound like all those annoying people who over cough and flail their arms around when they walk by people smoking cigarettes. Quite a few Americans like to smoke pot and your more than likely going to be seeing more of it. The more and more you complain, the more you sound like Bill O'Reilly. Even people that hate pot hate O'Reilly.
With all of that said let's please get over the stupid pot nonsense already. This way CNN can report about something more important. If you smoke and it's legal in your area enjoy! If you're a smoker and it's not legal yet, just wait. If you hate pot and you can't stop screaming about it pack your bags then, because America is going green! This is just one man's opinion.